About myself:

My name is Rick, I’m a single father, Radiologic Technologist, utility worker, ex-military, and a Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) member. One thing I was very lucky with in the Army was I lived in different countries for the majority on my military career. I made a point to get out and see the country, meet the people, and a learn a very basic language skills to try to speak in the host countries language. You will be surprised at the response you get when you honor a nation’s language trying to communicate with them in it. What’s fun is they will help you with the language and usually answer back in English to you. Whereas if you speak English straight out many to most of the times people will speak back in their language.

I have worked hard for many years, raised my daughter as a single parent. To make ends meet I had to go to school full time while working graveyard shift to pay bills. In fact, I had to do this twice for both an electrical degree and the for Radiology degree. I needed to go to school twice due to recessions and as for the electrical degree I had the experience from the military but was missing the education degree. One thing I found to be a priority for my daughter was that she had a full childhood being able to experience all different facets of life. I grew up in a broken family and with that experience was not going to have her feel put upon or losing out on what her friends were doing or feel left behind.

With all of that as you can see there was a lot of stress, and pressure in just daily living. I was in need of some serious ways to relieve pressures of life from being in a war zone for a year, to 20 years of working in a level 1 trauma center emergency room and operating rooms. For fun, I try to get into the outdoors such as hiking, but usually you will find me at the beach with my partner on weekends. I love the calming of the waves the sea breezes, besides what better place to leave the chaos of world for while.



I hope you enjoy some of my favorite music to unwind relax. One a many artists I came upon in my military journey overseas.